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Reduce Paper in the Workplace

This guide explores eight key strategies, software, and hardware you can use in your office to help you cut down on your paper use, reduce paper-related costs, and uncover a more sustainable business.
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What's in the Guide?

Businesses in the U.S. spend over $120 billion printing documents each year.

45% of those pages end up in the trash can. 

It's time to step away from paper waste. This guide covers eight steps to implement in your business to reduce paper costs, cut out paper waste, and uncover a more streamlined, sustainable, strategic office.

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Software To Help You Digitize
Paper products make up 70% of office waste. However, with the right software, you can reduce your paper storage and the time you spend managing that paper.
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Hardware to Help Your Print Less
Outdated technology and too much reliance on paper go hand-in-hand. Reduce your paper costs with new print device features like scan-to-cloud or badge printing.
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Policies that Reduce Paper Use
Learn about the policies you need to eliminate unnecessary printing, cut out lost paperwork, and use your company culture to move closer to a paperless office.