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Upcoming Webinars


Color 3D Print HP

Incorporating Color 3D Printing into Your Business

This webinar will focus on functional color 3D printing, HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, and how the HP Jet Fusion 580 can be an asset for your parts production business.

When: October 14th, 2020 | 1:00PM CT

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

Powered by S5 Site Pic

Powered By the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

This webinar takes a look at the benefits and value of using an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle that highlights how our customers are putting it into practice. The highlights will be examples you can then take back to your team for consideration of implementation for cost & time savings as well as how to unlock the extended range of materials with this system.

When: October 13th, 2020 | 1:00PM CT

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

Tasty 3D Printing Site Pic

3D Printing Never Tasted so Good

This webinar introduces you to how 3D printing is being used in the food and beverages industry and what are the unique benefits of doing so.

When: October 15th | 10:00AM CT

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

On-Demand Webinars

Ultimaker Site Pic

The Ultimaker S3 Product Tour

How does this compact 3D printer really work to make business better? Join 3D printing expert, Matt Griffin, as he demonstrates the design-to-print workflow and explains why the Ultimaker S3 has become his favorite machine.

Duration: 13 minutes

MIT Site Pic

Making IT Simple: Working Securely and Efficiently - Remotely

Join Joy Beland, Senior Cybersecurity Education Director at Connectwise, and Juan Fernandez, VP of Managed IT at ImageNet Consulting, to learn the best practices for staying secure while working remotely and your role in protecting the company.

Duration: 59 minutes

MIT Toolkit Site Pic

Making IT Simple: Business Continuity Toolkit

As businesses outline necessary operations and plans to follow amid the current state of affairs, IT management should be at the top of the list. Explore best practices and right solutions for working remotely and navigating distributed work environments with ImageNet Consulting & Intermedia’s experts. 

Duration: 52 minutes

Positive Thinking Site Pic

Making IT Simple: The Power of Positive Thinking; How to successfully pivot to a remote work model.

ImageNet & Pax8 discuss how to capture the power of positive thinking and successfully manage your pivot to a work from home environment.

Duration: 48 minutes

Xmedius Site Pic

XMedius Fax - A Secure Fax Solution for Remote Working

Learn how to solve fax and secure document transmission challenges in the new world of remote work with a telework shift to XMedius Cloud Fax Server.

Duration: 44 minutes

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation 101 - Enterprise Content Services

Discover the best solutions for implementing digital transformation and remote work enablement in your business. We will discuss how to: Digitize Your Records, Enable Remote Access, Organize Electronically, Automate, and Define Your Processes Enable Intelligent Management.

Duration: 54 minutes